We are Lovell Inc., a new nonprofit organization established to promote economic development in the
Lovell community by retaining and strengthening existing local businesses as well as recruiting new
businesses to the area. Our vision is to create a growing, healthy and more diversified economy, now
and for future generations.

Core Values:
• We are not willing to compromise our essential quality of life issues in order to pursue growth and
• We believe in the value of public-private partnership efforts in economicdevelopment and like to
see government and the private sector working together
• We believe in being responsive to community input and in developing aneconomic development
program that helps achieve the overall goals of the community
• We believe in having a good common-sense plan for economic developmentthat is easily understood
and able to be consistently and easily communicated by a variety of people
• We believe in encouraging an entrepreneurial spirit, a business friendlyatmosphere, and responsible
development that will help build a more healthy economy
• We believe in results, rather than just activity as the best measure ofour performance

Goals for the First Four Years:
• Create a high performance economic development organization that produces results for the
community. Factors that contribute to this goal: public benefit nonprofit Wyoming corporation with
501(c)(3) status; private group with public support; paid staff; adequate budget; and built with a
long-term sustainability plan
• Create 80 primary jobs. These are positions with primary employers, wherea majority of their
product/service is exported out of the local area
• Create 20 secondary jobs. These are positions with secondary employers,where a majority of their
product/service is not already sold or provided in the local area
• Stimulate $1,000,000 in capital construction
• Create business infrastructure. This includes such things as businesspark facilities and
workforce housing.
• Create needed business support. This includes workforce training, strong
partnerships with technical assistance providers, increasing the Town of Lovell
revolving loan fund, and other assistance packages as needed.
• Create positive public relations about the effort through effective communications

Our initial funding came from an appropriation of $300,000 by the Town of Lovell,
with the specific intent to provide operating funds for a minimum of three years.
Sustainable funding will be generated from a combination of program activities,
grants, public and private support. We are a 501(c)(3) organization and all donations
are tax deductible.

Lovell Inc Board and Staff:

Elaine Harvey, Director, Lovell Inc.

David Peck, Chairman
Joseph Shumway
Valerie Beal
Sarah Johnson