Lovell has many key ingredients in place to make significant, positive changes for the future.
Business infrastructure in place and ready to evolve to meet future needs; easily accessible
business support systems; recently adopted Master Plan; full-time economic development
staff; and renewed downtown revitalization efforts. The people involved include government
leaders who are very progressive thinking; long-term business owners who are willing to
listen to new ideas; new business owners who bring an added level of enthusiasm; and
residents who have long been and continue to be active and passionate volunteers.

Plus the natural amenities are among the best anywhere.
We invite you to become part of our exciting future.

Key benefits to operating a business in the Lovell area:
• No corporate state income tax
• No personal state income tax
• No inventory tax
• No franchise tax
• Favorable Incorporation laws
• Low energy costs
• Low operating costs
• Low property taxes
• Educated workforce
• Strong work ethic
• Effective workforce development programs
• High education standards
• Safe community
• Progressive government leaders
• Outstanding quality of life

Wyoming’s largest source of revenue is mineral extraction, followed by tourism. This translates
into one of the lowest tax burdens for residents and businesses in the country.

Wyoming Top 5 Rankings:
#1 for the best state tax climate (Tax Foundation’s State Business Tax
  Climate Index – 2003-2008)
#1 rank for small business (U.S. News & World Report)
#1 (tie) in terms of economic vitality (American City Business Journals 2005)
#1 in the nation in coal production, coal reserves, uranium source, soda ash
  production and bentonite production
Top state for pro-business taxes (Reuters)
#2 ranked state for highest percent of people 25 and older that completed
  high school at 90.7 percent
#3 rated for states that love small business (Fortune Small Business)
#3 best state for small business and entrepreneurship (Small Business &
  Entrepreneurship Council 2005 and 2006)
#3 in the nation for natural gas reserves
#5 in the nation for pro-business policies (Pollina Corporate Real Estate,
  Inc Study)
#5 in the nation in natural gas production