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Give yourself the freedom to work where you want to live. Enjoy wide-open spaces, spectacular
vistas, a wide range of recreational opportunities and a more relaxed lifestyle in Lovell, the Rose
City of Wyoming.

The town is known as the gateway to the Big Horn Mountains and is home to the Big Horn
Canyon Visitor Center and the Pryor Mountain Wild Mustang Center. Just a short distance to
the east, is the 10,000-acre Yellowtail Wildlife Habitat and the Pryor Mountains are just a
short drive to the north. Both the Pryors and the Big Horns are highly visible from anywhere
in town.

Opportunities for outdoor activities, stress-free living and peaceful surroundings contribute to
a highly desirable and much sought after quality of life for residents of the area.

The Town of Lovell is located on Highway 310 in Big Horn County, within the Big Horn Basin, in
north central Wyoming. It is 45 miles northeast of Cody, Wyoming and 90 miles southwest of
Billings, Montana. Elevation is 3,832 feet.

Distance to Major Markets                       Distance to National Parks
            Billings 90                                                  Badlands 327
      Salt Lake City 477                                       Big Horn Canyon 14
          Denver 524                                              Devils Tower 172
          Seattle 877                                                  Glacier 370
      Minneapolis 929                                          Grand Canyon 633
         Portland 950                                             Grand Teton 145
   San Francisco 1,114                                      Lewis and Clark 232
         Phoenix 1,134                                          Little Bighorn 149
     Los Angeles 1,160                                      Mount Rushmore 253
        Chicago 1,251                                          Rocky Mountain 339
          Dallas 1,301                                              Yellowstone 97
         Atlanta 1,844                                             
   New York City 2,039                                         

Population (July 1, 2009 estimates)
    Lovell                                             2,325
    Byron, Cowley, Deaver, Frannie    1,580
    Big Horn County                          11,581
    Wyoming                                   544,270

Source: Wyoming Economic Analysis Division; US Census