Housing is a very broad topic and covers a wide range of challenges and opportunities. We often hear “You have to do something about housing”, but it’s quite difficult to define what that something needs to be.

Without a doubt, the Lovell area is experiencing a shortage of certain types of housing. Rentals and vacant building lots are in fairly short supply. New construction is in high demand and the costs of getting the necessary infrastructure to developable areas is increasing at a rapid rate. We also have a number of vacant homes that have fallen into disrepair and may be good candidates for rehabilitation.

What can be done? How are we going to fix the problem?

The first step is to determine exactly what we have as far as housing stock. In order to do this, we are likely going to have a formal study completed. The study would include an assessment and physical inventory. Once the study has been done, a Housing Action Plan is developed and then implemented.

Since housing issues are directly connected to workforce development and job creation, the areas are often addressed together. Housing is an area that involves both economic development efforts and community development efforts. In order to produce long-term solutions for housing, Lovell Inc. will be working in close partnership with the Town of Lovell
and to some degree the towns of Cowley and Byron.

As we make progress and identify possible options, more will be posted on this site.