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Enjoy hunting, fishing, boating, hiking, bicycling, horseback riding, camping, wildlife viewing, bird watching, skiing, snowmobiling, 4-wheeling, and exploring the history of the “wild west”.

Nearby attractions:

Pryor Mountain Wild Mustang Preserve – In 1968, the wild horses north of Lovell became America’s first national wild horse preserve. The Pryor mustangs and unique because of their Colonial Spanish American heritage, descended from the horses that carried Conquistadors into the New World. The Pryor Mountain Wild Mustang Center is located at the eastern edge of town in a newly constructed log building. www.pryormustangs.org 

Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area – spanning north central Wyoming and south central Montana. Much of the canyon is narrow and confined within sheer walls over 2,000 feet. The Big Horn Canyon Visitor Information Center is located at the eastern edge of town. http://www.nps.gov/bica/   

Yellowtail Wildlife Habitat Management Area – six miles east of town – a 19,242-acre public hunting area established in the early 1960’s to enhance waterfowl habitat. Premier pheasant hunting, as well as deer, ducks, geese rabbits, turkeys and doves. Learn more about regulations and season dates from Wyoming Game and Fish http://gf.state.wy.us 

Hyart Theatre – a 950-seat classic theatre built in 1950 featuring one of the largest screens (40’ x 20’) west of the Mississippi. www.hyarttheater.com

Foster Gulch Golf Course – 9-hole public course

Free camper park – east side of town

Historic ranches within the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area – Caroline Lockhart Ranch, Hillsboro Dude Ranch, Ewing-Snell Ranch and the Mason-Lovell (ML) Ranch

Medicine Wheel National Historic Landmark – located on Medicine Mountain in the Bighorn National Forest. The Medicine Wheel is a sacred site used by many Native American Tribes. It was probably constructed between 1200 and 1700 AD, although an exact date and history of its origins remains a mystery

Bighorn National Forest – broad array of outdoor recreational opportunities with outstanding scenery. In the winter check out the 391 miles of connected snowmobile trails, downhill or cross-country skiing or snowboarding

Yellowstone National Park – a favorite for millions of visitors each year – less than two hours away www.yellowstonenationalpark.com

Helpful Links:

Wyoming Trails – Campground reservations and permits (camping, day use, ORV, snowmobile) http://www.usedirect.com/cdweb/

Lovell Area Chamber of Commerce www.lovellchamber.com 

Wyoming Game & Fish http://gf.state.wy.us 

National Park Service www.nps.gov

Wyoming Bureau of Land Management http://www.blm.gov/wy/st/en.html