Committee Work

Do you have a special talent?
Do you have an interest in the future of the community?
Do you have an idea for a future project?


Lovell Inc has identified the following committees to help with various projects throughout the year:

Team Main Street

Purpose             To enhance the appearance of the central business district
                          To increase participation among downtown businesses

Projects             Spring clean-up
                          Christmas lights in storefront windows
                          Living windows event
                          Corn stalks

Rapid Response / Welcome

Purpose             To assist in the efforts to recruit new business to the region
                          To provide new business leads

Projects             Welcome Team for visiting potential businesses
                          Talk about community in a positive way – “Talk it up” Campaign
                          First Impressions evaluation

Recruit and Retain

Purpose             To assist in the efforts to deliver service to existing and new business

Projects             Annual meeting – September
                          Commercial property Open House event
                          Retail task force
                          Customer service challenge program

Community Engagement

Purpose             To assist in community-wide participation in a variety of projects

Projects             “Big Read” – community-wide book club
                          Fitness challenge – Foreign language challenge – a learning opportunity or other                                        activity that encourages extensive participation