Do we really need another restaurant in Lovell?

Many people think so, but others are not sure.

Lovell Inc. began a series of public input meetings in November of 2008 to identify ways to address this question. At the first meeting, those in attendance talked about the current situation, identified several concerns, and discussed how a new restauant may impact existing establishments. At the end of the meeting a bridging-type statement was crafted - to have viable existing restaurants and a sit-down atmospheric restaurant.

The second meeting was held in January. Attendees took a closer look at the needs of current owners, the gaps in current offerings, gaps in current offerings, and what a new sit-down restaurant might look like in terms of menu offerings, hours, and capacity.

Lovell Inc. will continue to work towards a solution to this issue through additional meetings, further research into the market, and types of assistance that would help current owners.

If you would like more information about the restaurant topic, please contact
Sue Taylor at 548-6707 or stop by the office at 142 East Third Street or email