The mission of Lovell Inc. is to promote economic development in the Lovell community and
environs, specifically devised to increase employment, payroll, business volume and
corresponding factors in said area.

To achieve our mission: we actively work with existing business entities; we believe in
cultivating and encouraging the power of new entrepreneurs; and we search out business
ventures that would be compatible with and viable in our marketplace.

All services and free and confidential. How can we help you?

Business Plan Assistance
Maybe you’ve always wanted to own your own business and have a pretty good idea what
you want to do, but aren’t sure how or where to start.

The absolute best place to start is with a business plan – it is the one step you should never
skip, even if you do not need to go to borrow money. A business plan is the best tool you can
create to increase your chance of success. Lovell Inc. can help walk you through every step in
the business plan process. We can even provide you with an outline and connect you to resources
that will help you research the feasibility and viability of your business.

Cash Flow Projections
If the mere thought of having to produce cash flow projections is giving you nightmares, let us
lend a hand. We can help you understand the numbers and terms, the dos and don’ts and
why it’s important to know how your business measures up financially.

Marketing Plan Assistance
Whether you’re a new owner or a veteran business owner, marketing your business
is a key component to success. Lovell Inc. can help you create a marketing plan or
review your current plan. We will work with you to develop a plan that matches
your desired outcomes, strengthens your market position, and makes the best
use of your marketing budget.

Website Outline Development
You know you should have a website, but you have no idea where to start.
Let us help you determine exactly what the site should look like, what content
is important, what level of technology you need, and create an outline that a
web designer can easily work with.

Business Relocation Assistance
Interested in moving your company to Lovell? Great!
Contact us immediately.

Business Expansion Assistance
Have you outgrown your present location? Need to add more staff? Wondering about moving your business forward into global trade or selling to the government? We can help you by listening to your needs, connecting you with resources, and supporting your future plans.

Sounding Board
There are times when you need to just talk to someone about your business plans, staffing problems, or other business related concerns. And there are times when that "someone" needs to be a neutral third party. Let us help you by listening and providing an objective viewpoint.

Property Matchmaking
Got commercial property?
Need Commercial property?
We can help. Check out the available property listings on this site or contact us to add an available property.

Partial list of other services offered by Lovell Inc. and/or one of our technical assistance partners:

* Project Facilitation
* Local Government Liaison
* Workforce Training
* Manufacturing Works
* Government Procurement
* Market Research
* Business Plan Review
* Financial Health Check-up
* Business Transition Planning
* QuickBooks Assistance