2009 Work Plan

Work Plan Goals

Create a high performance economic development organization
Generate primary and secondary jobs
Stimulate capital construction
Enhance business infrastructure
Increase access to business support
Build positive public relations about the effort

Goal #1 - Create a high performance economic development organization

Objective - to increase organizational capacity in the areas of funding, community involvement, technical assistance and sustainability


Launch annual membership/fundraising campaign
Establish appropriate subcommittees
Manage 3rd Street Business Incubator

Goal #2 - Generate primary and secondary jobs

Objective - To assist in the generation of living wage where the product or service is exported out of the area or the product/service is not currently available in the area.


Business recruitment
Commercial property inventory (including lots, buildings and developable space)
Commercial development potential - Restaurant options (private/public)
Commercial development potential - Davis property/Outlet Mall
Entrepreneur development

Goal #3 - Stimulate capital construction

Objective - To facilitate new construction, expansion and remodel of commercial properties within the region to accomodate additional business activity


Data gathering and management
Storefront improvement grant program

Goal #4 - Enhance business infrastructure

Objective - To ensure appropriate infrastructure is in place for future growth, using the Town of Lovell Master Plan as a guiding document.


Business Park and/or commercial facilities (including the 3rd Street Incubator)
Downtown buildings
Workforce housing

Goal #5 - Increase access to business support

Objective - To assist new and existing business owners in securing information and training to improve their business


Establish a Business Resource Center and promote available assistance
Workforce training program(s)
Business After Hours event

Goal #6 - Build positive relations about the effort of the Lovell Inc. organization

Objective - to ensure Lovell Inc's mission and values are communicated in a consistent, positive manner to all its constituents


Public relations and communication
Community image campaign
Farmer's Market