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Food Hub

Surrounded by mountains and adjacent to Yellowstone National Park, the 200 square mile Big Horn Basin in Wyoming is home to diversified agriculture and ranching.

Most producers however are small and it is becoming increasingly difficult for these small farmers and ranchers to compete and survive. The Food Hub will work with producers and affiliated partners to enable local producers to;

  • Distribute their products to a wider range of markets
  • Connect to each other
  • Strengthen food nutrition and security
  • Educate consumers and institutions and families in Food Hub associated activities such as aggregation, storage, packaging value-added processing distribution and marketing services, and help eliminate poverty in the Big Horn Basin area.

The initial study into this project, funded by the USDA local Foods Promotion Program grant, affirmed the value of a Food Hub and Identifies various models and phases the could be pursued in the launching of sustainable Food Hub.

We will continue this project with an economically viable over the long term. This study is being funded by the John P. Ellbogen Foundation.

We would like to welcome Jeanine Swift to our team!  Jeanine is a VISTA worker who is volunteering a year of her time to work with us here. Jeanine will be working with our Food Hub project, including our greenhouse feasibility study. Welcome Jeanine!!!