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What does a startup business need to survive and thrive? Start-ups often need access to regular capital, a range of structural resources and professional mentoring in order to survive. Finding all of those tools in one place is incredibly difficult.

That’s why more and more startups are turning to business incubators for support.

Business incubators are organizations that offer startups shared operation space. In doing so, entrepreneurs enjoy a collaborative work environment with invaluable mentoring and networking opportunities, funding support and shared equipment. In short, they offer fledgling young companies a warm, safe place to grow and prosper.

What do we offer?

  • Free, confidential business consultation
  • Office space with free utilities and internet
  • Help writing your business plan
  • Partners with technical advice in your business’s field
  • Marketing suggestions
  • Free mailing list that match your customer demographics
  • Help you find a suitable site for your successful business